Green Fleet Technology

MPG™ is a real-time in-vehicle sensor that reduces excessive fuel usage as a result of undesired yet correctable driver behavior for high value platforms. The solution approach with the MPG™ sensor has proven to be effective within the commercial and military sector and is ideally suited to Platform 
correctable driver behaviors such as leaving the vehicle running at idle, rapid acceleration, and abrupt starting and deceleration all lead to reduced fuel economy and are all monitored and analyzed by the MPG™ sensor. In addition to unnecessary fuel loss, these behaviors prematurely wear out the engine and transmission, leading to increased maintenance costs and reduced operational readiness. The MPG™ sensor tracks these individual driver behaviors, analyzes them in real-time, and outputs critical performance alert messages, directly to the driver, as well as to the Program Manager and other fleet stakeholders.
This solution approach has shown to immediately improve driver behavior, identify future driver-training priorities, aid in the assessment of the platforms actual condition for CBM planning, and most importantly, significantly reducing fuel consumption via improved driver behavior.  
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